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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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the renaissance started to. start to brew twenty seven. w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin devastated but still standing paris's notre dame cathedral smolders on the banks of the south after fires devoured its roof and spiders emergency workers say they have saved the main structure after a colossal firefighting effort.
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i'm sumi so misconduct it is good to have you with us french president to manuel mccall is vowing to rebuild the notre dame cathedral after a blaze destroyed much of the twelfth century church late on monday firefighters say the blaze is now completely extinguished now this is what's been left standing this morning authorities say the cathedral structure was largely saved but the fire gutted its roof and cost the spire to collapse one firefighter was injured during the blaze many valuable artworks inside were lost or damaged and people around the world are lamenting the devastation of an architectural jewel that has survived over eight centuries and is a symbol of france's heritage. this hell were a place on earth this is what it might look like. the flames destroyed what two world wars did. not ravaging over eight hundred years
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of history. as the spire of not to dom fell to the inferno. people in france and around the world looked on. thousands gathered nearby in paris many in shock at the scale of the blaze. the french president call came to stand by them. we were able to build it more than eight hundred years ago and over the centuries to make it grow and improve. so i say to you very solemnly this evening this cathedral we will rebuild it all together. and this is probably a part of french destiny a project we will have for the coming years but i am committed to it starting
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tomorrow a national fund raising campaign will be launched and so i don't see. some four hundred firefighters battle to save the church smain bell towers they also rushed into the flames to try to salvage religious relics and priceless artworks. the fire spread extremely quickly on the roof wooden beams dating from the twelfth century are thought to be to blame later some measure of good news firefighters announced the church's core structure had been saved. their efforts honored by those who looked on at the unfolding disaster. if you. will do that it's not just catholics but also believers and nonbelievers we share the same attachment to notre dame the party because it's a landmark it's a place of refuge in french history. it's where we have gathered in joy and sorrow
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throughout our history. and the other one i started to suspect that it's the end of an era the end of a piece of history and architecture it's incredibly unfortunate this is something that will have the world mourning. the loss of this piece of world heritage is weighing on many well beyond the streets of paris oh. oh. earlier i spoke to our correspondent back of a soul to get the latest on what firefighters are saying at the scene in paris here's what she said they say at the moment everything is completely under control so they've really managed to extinguish this huge fire that has been really roaring and raging last night between the hours of around eight o'clock till around midnight that was the worst time when you could really fire is sort of leaping at the sky and coloring the sky here
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a blood red is so they managed to sort of extinguish this they managed to fight now bring experts on site we could see some of them a little while ago walk around on one of the main power is trying to look at structural damage and this is really what begins now experts are coming in today and trying to state how safe is destruction how safe is the building because even though it seems to be saved for the moment you don't know how much structural damage there is will they have to be support sportin what needs to be done immediately to sit if they keep this edifice from further damage and so to keep. i would say for rebuilding so they are assessing the extent of the damage right now barbara we have also seen some first pictures from inside the cathedral what do we know about the damage to the many art and artifacts and relics that have been housed inside the building. the artwork that was inside the
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so-called good treasure chests the particularly the department within the church under nice parts of the church that could be brought out early enough some relics have been saved but a lot of the art that has been accumulated like historical said have been inside this church and that made up the fabric the precious fabric of this church may be lost that the organ is damaged but seem to have survived that's what experts say at the moment one of the big grows windows of particularly beauty is one hundred years old glass the dating back to the send to the thirteenth century could have been could be saved to some others so severely damaged the one in the middle at the front is lost you can. see the skies through it you can see that it's just simply gone melted in the heat and what was inside paintings of course wall hangings the old woodwork all that is gone so the damage is extensive of course the walls are
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still standing but if you could go inside that church you would not recognize it anymore we are looking right now barbara some live pictures of some of that work that you were just talking about that's taking place as investigators and emergency services continue to work and look and assess the damage as you said what do we know about the cause of the fire. the prosecutor of paris has opened investigation they have called started calling in the workmen that have worked in the roof structure off the cathedral yesterday and the assumption is that something happened there is some sort of negligence somebody left the tool plugged in there maybe was it in an electrical fault fault or somebody was welding or soldiering something we don't know exactly what it is maybe the exact cause will
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never be found the prosecutors are now talking to the people who work there because the assumption is they left the site of restoration around five o'clock in the afternoon and around seven o'clock the fire had already taken hold so it took two hours for something that was just smoldering to sort of then really break out into a big blaze and then it was too late until firefighters arrived the whole roof really was ablaze so it seems quite clear that this was a terrible and very sad accident. all right that was a correspondent with the latest from paris on the fire that has ravaged the city's notre dame cathedral. now to some other news and it's been a month since a cycling in die swept over southeastern africa the storm killed more than one thousand people in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi hundreds of people are still missing as a result of the severe flooding that hit the region the world bank estimates that three million people are still suffering the after effects of the natural disaster
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one of the worst affected places was the port city of bam in mozambique our correspondent adrienne krishna met with the mayor there a man who is fighting a daily battle to overcome the emergency left by the storm and for his city. every day. does it two of his city inspecting the reconstruction of beirut with the destruction of saigon the dice do visible everywhere the mayor is determined to stay in close contact with the residents the man who is trying but he can't always help the mayor is part of an opposition party after the cyclon he strongly criticized the central government for its slow response the city's annual budget is only about thirty million viewers it was a real very difficult when teaching heating heating today and it's true that the needs. we need they need us we need them we need everybody that's why i spoke to got us i spoke to the center and i told him that we need to join forces and i'm
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happy that. by now eight organisations are active all over town the water supply has been restored some parts of the city have electricity again but there are also setbacks the number of malaria cases is on the rise and despite massive minnie's ations because reports it's more than three thousand five hundred color cases me as the man who needs eight workers in an improvised hospital i gets an update on the city. and wants to know how he can help you have to talk to the people sensitized i mean you have to tell them how to avoid caller they have to boil their drinking water the doctors working here they're still whining because there's still some cases coming in and we need to stop it i hope we don't we are going to do that the most is about to myself and my team to be on the ground talking to the people advising. the kid in need to do i'm sure that we're going to
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stop it. the next problems i waiting so see monger is hitting the road again full of optimism and drive despite the difficult situation until a challenge i fear a challenge yeah. i feel that something has to be done and i feel as if there's some ways to do something. so i feel great i feel. is the best and worst choice is the phrase yeah this exhaust is abysmal it joy is my god if i saw you try to dissuade me but everybody says it's among those next big plans and i want a conference in may he wants to collect more aids money for the reconstruction of his city so the people of playwright can live here once again like they did before cyclon he died. now some other stories making news around the world people and paralyzed capitol s.o.c.o. and are still struggling with severe flooding after
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a state of emergency was declared earlier this month more than twenty thousand people were evacuated after having rain caused the country's main river to breach its banks. former massachusetts governor bill weld has become the first republican to challenge donald trump in the primaries for the twenty twenty us presidential election but while they have a struggle on his hands while trans approval ratings have been mostly poor during his presidency he remains popular with republican voters would be and use elance prime minister to send to our there as she disagrees with the international red. decision to end a media blackout over a nurse missing in syria for five years they were going to zation says it went public to seek information about new zealand coffee following reports that she might still be alive she and two syrian drivers were abducted in two thousand and thirteen prosecutors here in germany have charged former volkswagen c.e.o. much inventor kwan with fraud the sprawling diesel scandal over rigged emissions
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software has reached the very top the carmaker corners one of five executives suspected of approving software that was programmed to deceive inspectors about break up the mission. and says the software was deployed in some eleven million vehicles they took on us tonight early knowledge of the cheating. prosecutors are convinced the former folks modern c.e.o. knew about the exhaust emissions cheating and hid it from the public to view my former chairman of the board dr of intercourse is in fact accused of a particularly serious case of fraud a violation of the law against unfair competition and breach of trust for war. if the charges are proven winterkorn could easily land in jail and he's the very man credited with turning fox rugen into the world's top car maker but the news the company had been employing devices to give low pollution readings during exhaust testing instantly hammered the company's share price and its reputation. sure to
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give me would like to make a formal apology to our customers the authorities and to the general public for this misconduct. please believe me we will do everything necessary to reverse the damage and we will do everything necessary to win back your trust step by step group for. them to call on her to step down despite claiming he knew nothing about the scandal but prosecutors say he already knew about it in many twenty fourteen and did nothing to stop it also failing to report it to the authorities and customers. when to columns authority was feared by staff who were under pressure to make the car maker the global leader managers and technicians were afraid to challenge him and all the while folks are going to continue to claim that its diesel technology was especially clean and environmentally friendly. reminder now of our top story that we're following for you here on paris firefighters have
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completely extinguished the fire at notre dame cathedral they believe they've managed to save much of the iconic church is the main structure despite flames devouring its roof. it will have an update on that story for you at the top of the hour right here at the news desk please stay with us. with horses. video. any time. in yours.


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